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Selling to Us

We are eager buyers of timepieces like the ones on our website, but it is our policy not to make offers because of the overwhelming number of requests we receive. We have a very popular website and we get hundreds of emails from people wanting more information about their treasures. Each inquiry requires time and attention, the exchange of numerous emails, careful examination of photos, and often considerable research time on our part to come up with an accurate professional evaluation. If we attended to all of these emails there just would not be any time left for us to take care of our own business. As a result, we regret that it is no longer possible for us to provide free information and valuations.

WE DO NOT MAKE OFFERS. We will be happy to discuss the value of any items you are thinking of selling, at no charge and with no obligation, if these items are of interest to us, as long as you have a price in mind. If you need help determining value, please see "Evaluations" below.

You'll like the way we do business.

Sale Evaluations

We provide sale evaluations for a minimum fee of $75. Typically the fee for the first item will be $75 and each additional item will be $25 to $35 depending on the amount of research time involved. A full rebate of evaluation fees will be made for any items purchased by us within one year of the evaluation. Because of time constraints, this service is only available those contemplating selling items to us. You are welcome to send photos and a description without any payment to determine if we have an interest in your item(s).

Sale valuations can be done using good clear photographs and complete descriptions furnished by the owner. Descriptions should include case material (gold, silver, etc.), case dimensions, case style (plain, engraved, enamel, etc.), everything written on the movement and case, and the general condition of the case, dial, & movement. For the best photos, set your camera to "Macro", put your watches in bright indirect light, and steady the camera against a stack of books. If you send pictures by email, please use the JPEG format.

If you use the US Mail, please email us first to avoid delays.

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