Stephen Bogoff - Antiquarian Horologist

Minute Repeater Perpetual Calendar

Fine and beautiful Swiss 18K gold minute repeating perpetual calendar chronograph with register by LePhare/Barbezat-Baillot, Locle) circa 1890. Fine white enamel dial with indications for day, date, month, seconds, and elapsed minutes and aperture for phases of the moon. Hairlines in the day and seconds dials. Beautifully engraved case with repeater slide and choreograph button in the band. Nickel estimated 21 jewel movement with silent governor and chronograph works on the back plate.

Unlike simple calendar watches, this mechanism ""knows"" the number of days in each month and also accounts for leap year.

When activated this watch chimes the hours, quarters and minutes with loud clear tones.

Item #
Diameter 54 mm
Circa 1890
Very Good - Excellent
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 Perpetual Calendar Minute Repeater  Perpetual Calendar Minute Repeater