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Patek Philippe Singing Bird Box

Very fine and extremely rare tortoiseshell and enamel fusee antique singing bird box with original fitted case retailed by Patek Philippe, circa 1880. Shell box with small crack and tiny restoration. Lovely enamel cover painted with birds and flowers.

When the slide is activated the lid opens, the colorful feathered bird pops up and moves from side to side moving its beak, neck, wings and tail in time with the lovely chirps produced by the internal bellows and tuned pipe. Then the bird drops back into the box and the lid closes automatically.

This box has been owned by the same family for generations, possibly since it was new.

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Dimensions 96 x 69 mm
Circa 1850
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 Patek Philippe Shell and Painted Enamel Singing Bird Box      Patek Philippe Singing Bird Box   singing bird box